• They are trustworthy and hardworking lawyers.
    Smart, zealous attorneys who are well known for their dedication to their clients and well respected by their colleagues in the field. They are trustworthy and hardworking lawyers who fight to get positive outcomes for their clients!

    - Rachel Z.

  • I recommend them 1000%
    From the beginning of the case, from the first meeting with Rina Gandhi until the end of the representation, the firm proved to be extremely professional in its services. My attorney demonstrated emotional intelligence and competence in the most difficult situations, and great kindness and professionalism in leading my wife and me through our case. The work of this law firm changes the life of each of the clients. Blessings. I recommend them 1000%

    - Antonio R.

  • Attorney Alexandra Ribe is a blessing.
    First point I want to thank God for giving the lawyer Alexandra Ribe the wisdom to win my case. She is a stellar lawyer, very good and the whole team, especially Alex Soto, a very good assistant to handle cases. Attorney Alexandra Ribe is a blessing from God I won my asylum case without problems. With God first and then the lawyer always felt in good hands and I was never afraid.

    - Silvia H.

  • She's an exceptional leader.
    I had my first conversation with Rina back in 2018 when I approached her for help. From the moment I spoke with Rina, she had an impact on me and I knew she would be an essential part of my life. During my time working with Rina, I was enamored by the energy, enthusiasm, and creativity that she brought to her job and her client's cases. I always felt comfortable discussing my ideas and worries with Rina – but beyond that, I felt Rina guided me in the right direction. She's an exceptional leader and I would always welcome an opportunity to work with her!

    - Hardik P.

  • Professional advice that is easy to understand.
    In addition to being an excellent attorney, knowledgeable about all the technical aspects of immigration law, Senior Attorney Rina Gandhi, also has an excellent way of explaining the legal process that makes her clients feel at ease. Immigration procedures can seem intimidating, and Rina has a way of giving top-level, professional advice that is easy to understand.

    - Emily V.

  • Great work, the team is very responsive, very professional.
    Great work, the team is very responsive, very professional. Our attorney Rina made the long process super smooth for us, overall excellent service.

    - Xiaoyu L.

  • I am incredibly grateful to have found his law Firm.
    It’s a little overdue in writing this review, but words can’t amount to how grateful I feel to have found this law firm. I have been with them since I was 15 as a DACA recipient. Until recently, about two months ago that I finally became a citizen, they have helped me through the process of obtaining my DACA Becoming a resident to a citizen. I’m now 26, and I can fully assert that you cannot go wrong with Brian and his team. His assistant, who is so caring try yet I’ve still had to personally write her an email about how amazing she has been, Over the years. I get emotional thinking about everything he and I and his team have gone through, But I am incredibly grateful to have found his law Firm; thank you once again.

    - Adriana S.

  • She is super sweet, responsive, and always available.
    I want to start by saying this firm is outstanding and the attorney who makes it this way is Rina Gandhi. She is super sweet, responsive, and always available (I’m a type-A personality who comes up with a million questions/scenarios throughout the day and she ALWAYS responds promptly morning day night, and weekends !!!!) my process was smooth, I was kept in the loop the entire time. I would recommend Rina and the firm to anyone! The prices are fair, and you get quality of service and honesty. I will definitely continue working with Rina until the end of any process. Thank you so much for being such a genuine attorney!!

    - Former Client

  • Professional – Trustworthy – Effective
    Murray Osorio Full-Service Immigration Law firm Silver Spring MD staff are an invaluable resource when it came to Immigration rights in the courtroom. Their attention to detail and knowledge of laws are unsurpassed. The staff is very accessible, diligent, and dependable when it comes to me and my legal needs. I have used multiple attorneys in the past and this relationship has proven to exceed my expectations. Murray Osorio, a law firm you can trust, In general, lawyers receive a bad reputation. Well, if you want one of the best I have ever met, you found them. I was very comfortable throughout this process This is by far the best experience I have had with a law firm. I have used other law firms and have not had good results. They have integrity. My attorney has an unbelievable presence in the courtroom, And I now understand how crucial this is. He stands for justice. And, Murray Osorio law firm will FIGHT for you. I would pay this man his weight in gold because that is what he is in the courtroom: golden. Murray Osorio managed to keep me from being deported. They went above and beyond my expectations for my case. I didn't expect such a great outcome! Great job. Thank you to all the staff at Murray Osorio Silver Spring MD. Best immigration law firm in the DC area hands down.

    - H.L.

  • Super responsive, personalized, high attention to detail.
    They are the best lawyers I've ever worked with in the 11 years that my long immigration journey lasted! I've had 2 different lawyers, and when my case was about to be denied, I met Rina and the Murray Osorio team. I was interviewing different lawyers because my case was VERY COMPLICATED and a lot was at stake, it wasn't easy to decide but I am so thankful I chose them because they are amazing in every single aspect. I had a lot of questions, I was very emotional and the entire team was beyond empathetic and understanding. Another big plus is that their fees were very clear (I've had talked to a lawyer that didn't want to give me a full description of how much they would be charging me). They are also super responsive, personalized, high attention to detail. They were able to overturn my case and helped finally end my long journey. Thank you Rina and team!

    - Claudia Z.